A brazenly soft focaccia: the sweetness of Perbellini

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I receive a very good gift!

Last week, a friend, gave me a delicious dessert: the FOCACCIA of PERBELLINI.

This famous Pastry Shop in Verona was born in the middle of the 19th century and has given us some unmissable delights ...now we could not live without...

As you know I am not a fan of sweetness but, about Perbellini, I have something to say too ;-)

The products baked by the Pastry-maker are numerous; among the best known are the Offella d'Oro®, the Millefoglie Strachin® and the Dolce Dorato® but I want to name also La Sbrisolada and the Sfoiade al Burro because they are a real sins of gluttony.

But let’s go to the Focaccia!

Just taking the box in my hand, I feel fantastic smells of sugar, vanilla, grandma’s house and good ...I would say that the premises are all there.

The focaccia, which has a really nice package, looks like a low glazed panettone ...but inside is all a surprise.

A very soft dough, fluffy and delicate. No candies and no raisins; you can feel the sweetness .. but not too much and this makes me appreciate it even more because "I don’t get tired" and I would really eat a lot!

The glaze covering, with its pieces of sugar, compensates the consistency of the dough... giving it an extra brio and making every bite a wonder experience.

According to legend, Easter focaccia is a bread enriched with butter, eggs and sugar; so much simplicity developed with top quality ingredients can only give an exceptional result and Perbellini’s Focaccia is a perfect example of this.

For the more "Greedy" this delight lends itself also with every kind of stuffings for example a good mascarpone, creams chantilly, ice cream... in short, is the basic for many delicius initiative.

But, at least the first slice, I recommend to eat Focaccia "by Nature" because it is so good that it is almost a sin to distort it.


A Moscato d'Asti DOCG is always a good choice for this type of dessert; with its scents, elegance and a thread of liveliness, it emproves the aromas and also gives a touch of "freshness" that doesn't hurt; I feel absolutely recommend.

"La Caudrina" di Romano Dogliotti Moscato d'Asti DOCG

For the Classic Method hardcore lovers, please opt at least for a Demi Sec that has a high sugar degree otherwise frustrated any effort of the sweet (which by the way is not very sugary).

If I can recommend a wine cellar...

Franciacorta DOCG Rosé’ "Briolette" Demisec della Cantina VILLA

I look forward to your opinions!


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